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  • High performance paintball marker with integrated loader
  • Magnesium shells for high strength and light weight
  • Break Beam Eyes in breech prevent ball chops 
  • Selector switch with 5 firing modes - Semi, Burst, Ramping, Full Auto, and Select Fire
  • ON/OFF Regulators with east -to-mount T-Slot rail
  • Smooth, programmable bearing trigger with 3-way adjustment
  • Removable side Picatinny rails and top Picatinny rails for accessories

  • Inline pressure controlled poppet firing engine offers accurate fire and smooth shooting
  • Proven Empire loader performance with auto anti-jam
  • Loader activates upon trigger pull, so constant feeding is guaranteed
  • Holds approximately 230 paintballs in the hopper section, and approximately 250 overall
  • Capable of firing 20 bps with continuous loading
  • Self calibrating loader speed sensor
  • Tool-less basic maintenance/battery change
  • Battery level indicator
  • 6 AA Operation for all electronics

Included Items:
  • Includes both a standard magnetic lid and speed feed lid
  • Ported, Aluminum barrel with three Super Freak inserts (.680, .685, .690)
  • Additional Super Freak Apex2 barrel that creates shots that curve onto targets
  • Multi-position sling adapter for those long treks to the battlefield


  Our Price; $749.95 IN STOCK




  • Fully Electronic .68 caliber paintball marker
  • Limited Edition quantity
  • Ultra strong, lightweight magnesium body
  • Shortened Carbine length shroud
  • APEX2 Barrel System allows customizable shot curves
  • Front Foregrip
  • True Electro-Pneumatic operating system with Mini technology inside
  • Shift-On-The-Fly, 4-Position Recreational Firing Mode Switch: Safe/Semi/Burst/Full Auto
  • Multiple Firing Modes: Semi/PSP/Millennium
  • Flip-Up Front and Rear Sights
  • Universal, AC Barrel Threads
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails Allow for Adding Accessories
  • Quick-Change Battery in the Removable Magazine
  • Collapsible/Adjustable Rear Stock
  • Bolt Out Back Design for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Low Pressure Operation (200psi)
  • No External Hoses; Internal Airline Operation


  Our Price; $556.95 IN STOCK



  • Mini™ Technology Inside
  • Shift-On-The-Fly, 4-Position Mode Switchli>
  • Multiple, Extensive Firing Modes Including Semi/Burst/Full-Auto
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails Allow For Extra Accessories
  • Adjustable, Multi-Position Stock
  • Collapsible/Adjustable Front GripLow Pressure Operation
  • No External Hoses; Internal Airline Operation
  • Additional Modes: NPPL/PSP/NXL/Millennium
  • Universal Mini™-Style Barrel Threads

  Our Price; $398.95 IN STOCK!

Empire BT-4 Slice G36 Elite

  • Apex2 Barrel
  • Creates ball spin to curve shots onto impossible targets
  • Adjustable ramp switch controls the level of spin
  • Rip clip Loader
  • Side mounting does not interfere with your aim
  • Sound activated force-feed loader
  • 3 Adjustable Speed and Sound Settings
  • Holds 200+ paintballs
  • Electronic Grip Frame
  • Multiple Firing Modes: Semi-Auto, 3-round Burst, Full-Auto
  • Aluminum double trigger

  Our Price; $349.95 IN STOCK!


Empire Battle Tested Omega

  • Upgradeable to Empire BT Electronic Grip Frame
  • Rip Clip Loader Compatible
  • Multi-Position Adjustable Stock
  • Adjustable Velocity
  • APEX Barrel Ready
  • Accepts CO2 or High Pressure Air Sources
  • Removable Sight/Rail/Carry Handle
  • Rugged Aluminum Body

  Our Price; $136.95 IN STOCK!

Empire Battle Tested Slice


  • Slice feature allows tool-less field stripping
  • Hinged body system opens for easy maintenance
  • Ported aluminum barrel
  • Works with CO2 or Compressed Air sources
  • Tool-less access to internals
  • Impact resistant baked on coating
  • Picatinny rail system accepts accessories
  • Stabilizing vertical front grip
  • Stainless steel bottom-line hose

  Our Price; $129.95 IN STOCK!


Empire Battle Tested Combat-4


  • Lightweight balanced construction
  • Adjustable vertical front grip
  • Stainless steel bottom-line
  • Impact-resistant, baked-on coating
  • Modular trigger system
  • Dual Picatinny mounting rails meet military standard 1913
  • Tournament-legal external velocity adjuster
  • Removable grip frame for quick & easy upgrades
  • Easily accepts vertical & horizontal bottle adapters
  • Works with CO2 or compressed air

  Our Price; $115.95 IN STOCK!

BOSS TM BOLT w/Spring kit


Weighs less then half the stock bolt
Reduced kick
Quieter sound signature
Soft tip for reduced ball breaks
Custom o-ring Formulated just for the Pro bolts

Recommended starting settings

Short Spring
Dwell 3 Milliseconds
150 PSI
Velocity adjuster 1.5 turns out
Medium Spring
Dwell 3.5 milliseconds
150 PSI
Long Spring
Dwell 4 milliseconds
150 PSI

For extremely fragile paint use the optional rear bolt o-ring provided w/the dwell at 10 milliseconds, long spring, 150 PSI

  Our Price; $29.95 IN STOCK!