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• ARC Bolt - The all-new ARC Bolt is DYE’s groundbreaking new engine that delivers
amazing performance in a robust, reliable package. The ARC Bolt’s smooth,
quiet shot, high efficiency, and soft touch on paint is the end result of precise
engineering. Optimized flow paths, dwell independent valve control, air supply
cut off, and nearly zero shot chamber expansion are all critical to the ARC’s air
efficiency. Two stage bolt acceleration, air spring, impact bumpers, and an ultra-
low 115 psi operating pressure ensure a smooth, quiet, and accurate shot that is
extremely gentle on paint.

• Quick Release Bolt - The all-new Quick Release Bolt Assembly is a robust gate
system with air lock that prevents accidental bolt release and securely holds the
bolt in place. A simple push button system allows the user to remove and re-
install the bolt kit in seconds. Standard maintenance has never been easier or
more accessible.

• MOS - Method Operating System - The DSR is powered by DYE’s Method Operating
System. The MOS gives the operator unrestricted access to precision tuning and
unsurpassed performance. The optimized MOS programming logic ensures
lightning fast response time, long battery life, precision tuning, and dual player
profiles to store your exact playing specifications. Communication between frame
and body is facilitated through the Freewire Connector Pins. Compression pins
ensure a positive connection between performance driving hardware and the
MOS. DYE Freewire Connector Pins eliminate awkward wire routing and
dramatically improve serviceability. The MOS is truly advanced performance in
the palm of your hand.

• Control Joystick - The 5-way Control Joystick and high contrast OLED display
screen provide an intuitive user interface.

• Gas-Thru - A direct air passage through the frame improves ergonomics and
performance. No pipes, hoses, or complex routing paths are present on the DSR.
Radial bore sealing o-rings ensure a positive seal from ASA to the marker/

• Eye Pipe Breech System - DYE’s Patented 3rd Generation Eye Pipe Breech System
shields the anti-chop eye system from any dirt and broken paint. The thick,
durable polycarbonate pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every firing
cycle creating a self-cleaning system that ensures the eyes are always
monitoring the breech and ball drop. DYE’s proprietary Eye Pipe system protects
your DSR from harsh environments and eliminates performance-hindering
breech wear. The extended-life Leaf Spring Ball Detents are integrated into the
Eye Pipe to prevent double feeds and chopped paint as well as eliminating the
need for bulky exterior eye plates.

• UltraLite 45 Frame - The UL 45 Frame is the culmination of top pro-player influence
and progressive engineering. Designed specifically for modern double finger
triggers, the UL Frame’s hourglass shape was ergonomically designed to give
the player ultimate control, comfort, and performance. The UL Frame combined
with DYE’S famous Sticky Grips offer a secure grip for stability and accuracy
while encouraging sustainable, rapid trigger speed.

• Edge1 Trigger - The Edge1 Trigger is a blade-style trigger with adjustable travel,
activation, and resistance. Allowing optimal tuning for unbeatable speed, reaction
time, and ultimate trigger control.

• Patented DYE Sticky Grips - The full wraparound Sticky Grip with micro-texture
provides the ultimate grip. Dual density design offers comfort and control. The
single screw design utilizes a durable locking system to ensure a rock solid grip
and quick access for service.

• Lockdown Clamping Feedneck - The adjustable cam lock lever allows you to
securely lock your R-2 Loader onto your gun without tools. DYE’s Lockdown
Feedneck sits low and tight on the marker making sure your R-2 keeps a low

• Color Coded O-Rings – Pioneered by DYE Precision and designed to make it easy
to quickly identify the correct replacement o-ring when performing maintenance
on the DSR.

• Quick Battery Access - Battery access made extremely simple. Simply use the
quick-turn recessed lock nut and slide the dual-density grip with micro-texture off
for easy battery access.

• Freewire Connector - No wires between the frame and body with quick disconnect
contact pads. Eliminates awkward wire routing and dramatically improves
serviceability. New protected connection helps prevent water intrusion.

• Low Profile Design - All-aluminum body construction with no exposed screws or eye

• UL TruCam Airport - The UL TruCam Airport is a balanced cam system with an easy
turn on/off toggle lever featuring a single o-ring design. The recessed lever
design ensures extra protection from accidental degassing of the system. The
sleek, compact airport is integrated with the Hyper 6 Regulator into a simplified
easy-to- service air handling cartridge that provides extremely efficient air flow.

• Core Barrel - The new Core 14’’ two-piece barrel comes with DYE’s proven vent hole
pattern in the trademarked Steady Port Tip. The Core control back is finished
under the most extreme tolerance specifications. Self-aligning two piece
construction ensures properly centered assembly between control bore and the
Steady Port Tip. This combination of precision components provides a quiet shot,
superior accuracy, and unbeatable performance.

• H6 Regulator - The Hyper 6, now with a more efficient airflow path and consistent
piston movement. The latest generation of DYE’s trusted line of regulators is the
most reliable and consistent regulator DYE has produced to date. Updated with a
single coil spring and top load assembly that allows for exceptionally easy
service. Integrated into the Hyper 6 is a pressure bleed-off to ensure no air is
trapped in the marker when degassed. Improvements focused on performance,
reliability, and safety to ensure the best playing experience possible.

• Hard Foam Case - Features an EVA foam lining for secure protection of the DSR.
Slick Lube, quick start guide, DYE Core allen key set, and barrel sock are
included with the marker.


$899.95 IN STOCK!


DYE RIZE MAXXED is packed with features normally only found on high end markers. Feature loaded with the Precision True Bore Proto 2piece 14" barrel, proven Hyper 3 regulator, DYE UL on/off airport, DYE Lockdown cam lever feed neck, newly redesigned RAMP solenoid, and newly designed Patented Rize Fusion bolt, gives the Rize MaXXed all the performance features of a high end marker. Additionally, the Rize MaXXed is comfortable, accurate and easy to shoot fragile paint. The patented Dye UL Hourglass 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip reg sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger and low profile balanced design, provides a level of control & comfort not found in most mid range markers. Keeping your Rize MaXXed operating at a high performance level is simple and easy. Features like the internal Anti-Chop eyes, simple screw together Fuse bolt design, DYE patented self-cleaning M2 eye pipe and color coded O-rings, keeps maintenance easy and you on the playing field longer. The Rize MaXXed is loaded with features and designed for top level performance at an affordable price.

Marker comes with zipper case, parts kit, DYE slick lube, barrel sock, tools, and 9-volt battery.


$349.95 IN STOCK!



  • Made From A Durable Nylon Material
  • Dye Rotor Low Profile
  • Spring Locking Lid
  • Speed Feed Compatible
  • Collapsible Spring Loaded Feed Tray
  • See Through Vision Windows
  • Dye Rotor Loader Jam Release Trigger
  • On/Off Button With Bright Blue LED Display


$129.95 IN STOCK! BLACK FRIDAY $89.95




  • Capacity: 200
  • Batteries: 3 AA
  • Weight: 1.05lb
  • Width: 4.25"
  • Length: 8.5"
  • Height: 5.5"
  • Unparalleled feed rate
  • Anti-Jam Trigger
  • Quick Feed sold separately
  • Patented Rotor Force Fed Technology, 40+ balls per second.
  • Toolless disassembly; completely break down the Rotor without any tools.
  • Sharkfin Jam Release Trigger effortlessly gets you back in the action in the event of oversized or out-of-round paint.
  • Water-resistant coated board
  • Adjustable torque feature allows the user to fine-tune torque settings manually with an allen wrench.
  • Battery life of over 80,000+ ball shot count with only 3 AA batteries.
  • Blackops feature enables you to turn the indicator LED off during those night or lowlight games.


$99.95 IN STOCK!




  • - Positive feed shelf for jam-free operation
  • - Gravity feed, requires no batteries
  • - Spring assisted lid for fast reloading
  • - 200 ball capacity

  Our Price; $14.95 IN STOCK!